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Apr. 18th, 2007 @ 04:08 pm
...and to make things better, I'm now debating whether I broke my toe at Home Depot during my lunch break, or if it's just seriously bruised.

Current Mood: sadouchie

Mar. 23rd, 2007 @ 06:40 pm
and I now officially have a North Carolina drivers licence.. oooooh, shiny..

hehe.. and a Motorcycle learners Permit. *tee hee* be afraid. be very afraid. bwahahaha!

here today, gone tomorrow. or, here yesterday, gone today. Mar. 22nd, 2007 @ 11:26 pm
Had 5 teeth removed today. (wisdom teeth+)

So far, so good.


"Packing blankets and dirty sheets, A roomful of dust and a broom to sweep up..." Jan. 27th, 2007 @ 09:00 pm
Not only is living in a tiny apartment a pain for storing things, but it's also a giant pain for packing, too! There's just no room to put boxes while you're loading them up, but there's nowhere to put all of them when they're all packed up, either! My shins and knees are not happy with me at all.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate packing?

Current Music: The Eels - Packing Blankets

"Might give me a way out" Jan. 24th, 2007 @ 07:57 pm
Details, as promised..!

Item #1
Livin' the Life.

Pretty much self explanatory, I'd say

Item #2
Work stuff.

Yup, you read that right. 15,000 square feet. That's bigger than 25 of my apartments and will cost more money than I'll probably ever see in my life. Still exciting though.

Picture this:

(selling price in aspen: $25,000,000)

(selling price in aspen: $19,000,000)
actually toured by our client and my boss.
she flew them out there, but not me. *sniff* :)

Item #3
Missed Houses.

After we found out the first house I was interested was sold before we got into the whole process, we found another really awesome one. needed work, but would've been awesome.

Alas, someone else made an offer the same day we did, so they asked for "final offers" from both of us... and we lost.

Then there was this one:

which had an awesome second building with a garage, apartment, and workshop and a potentially neat yard. This one was a forclosure, though, so you only had 1 chance to make an offer by the closing day and they pick from any received. After keeping us hanging for more than a week as the second highest offer, we finally got the word that it was a no. *sigh*

Item #4
Erik Visit!

Picked him up from the airport December 20th. Got to meet everyone from work the next evening at our christmas dinner. was good.

Item #5
Christmas in J'ville.

Went down to visit the parents/grandparents/aunt&uncle on the 22nd and stayed until the 26th. Christmas in the "tropics" is just unnatural for a northern girl, no doubt about it. Other than that, it was a rather, well... depressing... holiday. nope. don't really want to talk about it.

Item #6
Lost in space.

I had a bad week for losing things. first left my keys at subway, then locked them in the office at work (thankfully the boss' wife came in to clean about 25 seconds after i walked out the door. crisis averted.)

Then, I believe I went into McDonalds to grab an egg mcmuffin before work and must've dropped my card or something. no charges were made to it, but when I went in to see if it was there, they said that they'd found a couple cards in the past few days and when they called the number on the back of what we think was mine, they were told to cut the card up and they'd contact the owner. never did get a call from anyone about that. So I called the bank... they cancelled the card and supposedly were sending me a new one.

After 2 weeks not getting it, I stopped in at my branch to withdraw some money and had them check to see if it was sent. Turns out nothing was actually ordered. hopefully some time before next wednesday I'll get it...*crosses fingers that it won't need to go through mail forwarding*

Item #7
All Mine!!

The weekend after we found out the other house was a no, we went on another round of house visits. there were a couple of ones we kinda liked, but they were a little on the expensive side.

That was when I noticed that the price had been lowered on one I'd looked at the same day as the 2 story brick one we first made the offer on. So after having Erik do a drive by (look, not shooting) on it, we made an offer. They made a counter-offer that was pretty much what I expected it would go for. We said sure, and in less than a week from now (3 weeks from when the offer was accepted), this will be all ours...

Click for more shinyCollapse )

The inside is really on the "old lady" side, which is really hilarous considering the contemporary exterior, but I've got some really cool ideas, and the back yard is perfect for parties on the patio, baby. :D

Actually went down to Jacksonville this past weekend and we started some shopping. :) Got a bunch of fabric for the bedroom to make a new comforter and curtains, and picked out some paint for the bedroom and living room/dining room/kitchen, since there was a rebate on it and stuff. still need to pick out some other colors and stuff, but it was a good start. Today after work today I ordered a new ceiling fan for the bedroom. Weeee!

Now... to pack. Blech.

Item #8
Mr. Yuk

Went to Carabba's for dinner. Tasted divine, as usual, but ooooh boy, something wasn't right. It was painful. I managed to get about an hour and a half of sleep all night. that's all you really want to know. What a waste of perfectly good leftovers that will be. :/

(okay, if the food made me sick, they're probably not "perfectly good" leftovers.)

Item #9
Bye Bye Love..

Took Erik back to the airport this morning. :( I'll be going up to buffalo on feb 9th, which is actually really soon, but I had tickets before we knew how long he'd be staying during winter break. Still. no fair. Is it May yet?

Item #10
Freeeeeeee fallin'

I think I've wanted to do this since before I actually did my Tandem jump in New Zealand (2001)... Now, I think I'm actually going to have the chance to do it! Weee! (Skydive Carolina click 'AFF').. Probably won't be until April or May, but we're getting a discount, so I'll gladly wait a little

longer... how exciting! *boogie*
Other entries
» "A list of things I could lay the blame on..."
10 Big events since last update:

  1. Still living in North Carolina.

  2. Work is a bit on the slow side, but I’m working on a really neat project. Can you say 15,000 square foot aspen-ski-lodge type house on a golf course just outside of Charlotte? Fuuun.!

  3. Didn’t find a way to pull $120,000 out of my ass to buy that house I was looking at before it was gone… or get the next one.. or the one after that…

  4. Erik came down to visit.

  5. Spent Christmas in Jacksonville, Florida. 70-degree-Christmas just isn’t the same.

  6. Lost my bank card. It’s been over 3 weeks now, I think, and still no card. Fun.

  7. Finally had an offer accepted on a house. Closing next Wednesday. Yay!!

  8. Think I had a bizarre case of some kind of food poisoning last night. 2nd most painful thing ever after my gall bladder problem. No fun.

  9. 5 weeks went by way to fast and Erik is all gone again.

  10. I’m going to be taking skydiving lessons starting in a couple months when the weather in the clouds is warmer.

Details to follow….. stay tuned!
» (No Subject)
I was definitely right on that one.. those are the very same, now vintage, lazer tag toys we used as kids. my dad saves everything, apparently. :)
» (No Subject)
Oh yes, and mom sent me a couple pictures of Wayne Michael (nephew) today.. I swear he looks about a year older than he did when I saw him last.. which was barely over 2 months ago. yeesh. Not to mention the fact that he's playing with a Lazer Tag toy set that I bet any money is part of the same one Wayne, Jen, and I had, some 15+ odd years ago.. holy cow. (all the one's I've seen for sale lately have been way more high tech looking than those old school ones.. I can't imagine them being anything other than that set..)

And last, but not least. I'm also fairly sure mom is going to somehow manage to "accidently" pack him in the van and take him with her in November. *lol*

» o!~ o!~ leavin' on a jet plane.... eventually.
In case anyone happens to care....

August 25, 2006, Flight 311 [Non-Stop]
Departing Charlotte, NC (CLT) at 6:00 AM
Arriving Atlanta, GA (ATL) at 7:15 AM
--- Connecting To ---
August 25, 2006, Flight 558 [Non-Stop]
Departing Atlanta, GA (ATL) at 8:05 AM
Arriving Buffalo/Niagara, NY (BUF) at 10:00 AM

August 27, 2006, Flight 129 [Non-Stop]
Departing Buffalo/Niagara, NY (BUF) at 8:17 PM
Arriving Atlanta, GA (ATL) at 10:25 PM
--- Connecting To ---
August 27, 2006, Flight 314 [Non-Stop]
Departing Atlanta, GA (ATL) at 10:55 PM
Arriving Charlotte, NC (CLT) at 11:57 PM
» (No Subject)
This one's for you, Erik...

Hello Tabitha!
Here's your horoscope for JUNE 28, 2006.

Date of Birth: 06/29

It is likely that you are being held back by certain traumatic events of your past. Before you will be able to make further progress in your life, Tabitha, you must address these painful memories once and for all. If it feels too frightening to do so on your own, by all means seek professional help. You will find that mustering up the courage to do this difficult emotional "housecleaning" is more than half the battle.
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